Our seminar programme - You never stop learning

Knowledge about balancing and diagnostic technology is not very common in practice. It is not learned during vocational training, seldom at college or university, perhaps from a colleague or private study. But this is no sound basis for practice. Our seminar programme closes this gap with seminars on every aspect of balancing, from the theory of balancing to practical use at work, for universal use, through to solving very special problems.

From professional to professional - always good advice
Our seminar leaders are all proven "balancing professionals". They have acquired plenty of balancing experience in practice and are now passing it on to your. Additional experts from Schenck RoTec are brought in to cover special balancing and diagnostics topics, to teach you the knowledge and to answer your questions - even about your own individual problem.

The programme for specialists
Seminars are held in Darmstadt on many other topics, which you can book via us or directly in Darmstadt. We are always pleased to advise you over the phone about training possibilities. We offer individual courses on your premises, at your balancing machine or special seminars in Darmstadt.